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Custom Clearance

The custom rules and process can be tedious and time consuming if not handled appropriately. More over the custom duty rates & entry process differ from country to country . Due to regular regularization in custom & security , the international trade is now more challenging. British Courier custom clearance consultancy division always strives to simplify and ease cross border trade. We chalks out every possible delays and take proactive measures to avoid delay in clearance process.

We reassure practice of industry standards & compliance of custom rules. Our in-house custom professional & our association with local custom clearance experts, we get to know any change in procedures and keep you informed about the prevailing rules and regulations which will allow you to devise well informed decisions with minimum lead time.

We Offer:-

- Air freight clearance
- Sea freight clearance
- Land clearance
- Temporary import & return
- Repairs and return
- Direct delivery
- Fairs and exhibitions
- Time critical and sensitive cargo

Special features
- Single point of contact
- Delivery at competitive rates

#United Parcel Express Product delivery and Courier Company Benefit
- Ensure completion of necessary documentation process prior freight arrival / departure where ever possible
- Proactive measures to avoid any detention / demurrage which gives cost advantage over competition

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WHY CHOOSE United Parcel Express Product delivery AND Courier COMPANY

Single Point of Contact

In United Parcel Express we reach our clients around the globe from a primary source

In United Parcel Express we update our clients and their destination in real time of every step we take in sending their packages

Because of our company capacity and our determination to serve you better, transportation and freight process are like mare formalities